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11" X 17", 1 Color Screen Print

A study in fine detail and borderless printing using recycled, irregular stock. The thiness of the paper used allows for a minimum amount of ink saturation and adds a crispness and clarity to the very detailed lines of the artwork.


10" X 10", 4 Color Screen Print

A promotional print for Seattle band The Gentlemen Gluttons. Created for an urban promo campaign, these were printed on a thin newsprint, die cut in the shape of a porthole, and then pasted around the "hoods" of Seattle. The bright saturated yellow and bold lines add a little imagination and color to the bleak overcast days walking in the emerald city.

Crow's Nest

11" X 17", Multi-color Screen Print

An art print for local Seattle band, The Gentlemen Gluttons. This poster was hung around the city in a guerilla advertising effort. Each print was made unique by using a paint splatter technique to give each of the backgrounds a chaotic and organic texture.

Give Up the Ghost

17" X 11", 1 Color Screen Print

Gig poster for The Gentlemen Gluttons on heavy weight white stock. This print had a signed and numbered edition of 20.

Starry Nite

16" X 16", 1 Color Screen Print

Promotional Design for The Gentlemen Gluttons on heavy weight white stock. Used for posters, pins, stickers, and apparel the symetrical design lends itself to many mediums.


9" X 12" X 2 1/2", 1 Color Screen Print

Type design for The Gentlemen Gluttons printed on small box set merchandise packages. The differing serifs and swashes give the letterforms a vintage, hand carved look.

Drew Grow

11" X 17", Offset

Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives have gotten glowing reviews in the Willamette Week and the Huffington Post and have been featured on the KEXP concerts at the mural series. They were in need of a poster for their show at the Ground Zero youth center in Bellevue, WA. The concept for the design relies on a few easily recognized symbols that when combined create a much bigger story. These symbols are so strong that they can be recognized by everyone.


11" X 17", 2 color metallic screen print

Gig poster for Celilo's album release show with The Gentlemen Gluttons. The metallic ink gives the coins a nice reflective effect and brings the peice to life.


Business Cabinet

Loveletter custom screen printing is a local studio who provides clients with specialty screen printing on a variety of substrates. Their services include special effects printing such as: foil, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, and printing odd objects and materials. They do a lot of work designing and printing posters for local artists, bands, and touring acts so their branding is based on the trends and design asthetic of illustration consistent with the style of their target demographic. In order to make showcase their services and to add something special to their business cabinet their logo is foiled. Multiple T-shirt designs and packaging were applied using other specialty effects. Then web and print advertisements were designed to increase business.

Matin's Way

Business Cabinet

Martin's Way is a charitable organization based on the principals of giving and community solidarity that were important to the mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. By providing outreach programs for struggling families, creative and educational activities for youths, neighborhood improvement initiatives, and a storefront with affordable and healthy food options for lower income houses they hope to further Kings dream of a world filled with caring and equality. The logo design is based on an image of Martin Luther King Jr. casting a thoughtful and noble gaze upward as if looking to the future. Adding a slight upward tilt to the typography as well to further accentuate this forward momentum. The thick lines of the graphic give the logo a solid and dependable look, and the graphic is very simplified in order to keep the mark as unconfused as possible while allowing for reproducibility at any size. The soft green color for the logo to give a sense of stainability, freshness, and a future filled with greener pastures.

Matin's Way


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a mission of unity and a dream for the furthering of altruism in the community and the world. This is the same mission taken up by the charitable community organization, Martin's Way. They provide families and lower income houses with access to social programs, child care, fun activities, a safe haven for teens and young adults, and healthy, affordable groceries, but they were in need of a system for distributing news, updates, and their events calendar to the neighborhood, A newsletter is the most effective way to spread this information to a mass audience of families living in houses and apartments and can be placed in locations around the city and in the Martin's Way building, The overall color scheme of the Community Outreach newsletter stays consistent with the green of the Martin's Way logo to keep a unity with the organizations branding as well as the upward swash of the green background and the round edges.

Ice Cream Express

Business Cabinet

Ice Cream Express is an ice cream vending and delivery company that has been serving children and adults alike for over 20 years. They operate in the Portland/Seattle areas and, because of geographic location and weather patterns, they have little competition which has allowed their company to grow slowly while maintaining an outdated and easily forgotten logo. Ice Cream Express is seeking a more professional and memorable image for their company. The companies branding is centered around making children happy, allowing adults to relive their youth, and giving families a chance to share a treat and a memory. The logo that was developed gives a sense of movement, energy, and excitement that mirrors the reaction of a child receiving a treat. The swash under the type is reminiscent of a smile, the angle of the rocket is uplifting, and the extra dimension makes the logo pop out of it's surroundings. A bright and saturated color palette was used to give it a playful and youthful feeling. The logo was applied to a number of necessary collateral pieces.

Ice Cream Express

Brand Style Guide

A quickly growing company in the ice cream delivery and rental market, Ice Cream Express, recently updated their company logo to better match their ideal branding. Ice Cream Express is a family owned and operated company and they wanted to portray this sense of family bonding as well as make their branding more attractive to children and families. The best way to make the branding change information available company wide and to advertisers and supporters is by distributing a brand style guide. The design for the style guide is meant to be as simple as possible to give a clear and concise description of the companies branding. The style guide uses the Ice Cream Express logo colors and incorporates elements from the logo into the page layout. The photographs used give a perfect representation of the warm, enjoyable, family friendly atmosphere of the Ice Cream Express brand.